Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well, I guess that I'm not really very good at this web blogging stuff!
All the years that I was growing up, I journalized fastidiously ....but then all I had to do was pull my notebook out of my backpack and write was was on my any given moment.....
It is interesting to look back on those journals now - different types of ink, different styles of handwriting (or printing) - they revealed more of what was going on at the time than any typed blog could....
It's so much harder to write when I can only do it when I am sitting in front of my PC....
The thoughts just aren't there at my beck and call!
I have finally acquired a laptop - not new, but it will do. Next I need to figure out the internet connection thing (I really do need a lot of help with this sort of stuff!)
When we head over to the Islands in April (the Hawai'ian Islands, Of Course!), I hope to post often of our adventures.
We plan on doing some camping in some remote areas - of course there will be no coverage there - but will tell all about it as soon as we return to civilization.
The whole trip will be an adventure - we are doing in on a shoestring....Flying one way on a great sale price ($144) and flying back on miles. We will be doing a lot of camping, and maybe staying at a hostel in Waikiki. The main thing is that we will BE THERE! Just to breath the air and listen to the music and smell the flowers....Ahhhh! And don't forget the water! I love snorkeling - it's a whole different world down there....All the cares of this world left far behind!
I can hardly wait.
In the meantime, I will reflect more on this Blogging stuff.....what, what, what am I trying to accomplish with it? It is definitely not the journal-keeping of my past!